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Who Are Our Members?

We welcome members and associates members from these communities:

  • Manufacturers of Cannabis/hemp-derived ingredients and finished goods: beverages, confections, cosmetics, dietary supplements, drugs, foods, and pet health
  • Innovators of novel Cannabis/hemp-derived compositions and applications
  • Private equity, venture capital, family office, and angel investors
  • Valuation and market analysts
  • Allied trade associations
  • Industrial and academic researchers and investigators
  • Knowledge asset/intellectual property/technology transfer/licensing professionals
  • Clinical/health practitioners : human, companion animal, and equine
  • Associate memberships for retailers, dispensary owners and staff, journalists, coaches, and personal trainers

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    Member Benefits

    Being a science and IP-centric trade association C-SICC members will have access to a Members Secure Login area, granting access to:

    • Research conference abstracts (often before the conference convenes)
    • New patent applications related to Cannabis/hemp
    • New peer reviewed research publications, often months in advance of print
    • Webinars and live chats with Cannabis/hemp innovators and investigators
    • Previews of science and IP landscape reports
    • Discount and advance registration to online science & IP symposia