Member Value Chain

Create & Innovate

Equip suppliers/manufacturers with guidance on “chemical quality”/QA/QC, cGMPs, and evidence-driven claims/marketing.


Collaboratively develop/harmonize lab testing standards, inspire adoption of new methods, expand chemo-profiling breadth.


Provide guidance and awareness to evolving IP landscape with international scope; minimize infringement.


Form collaborative alliances with research institutions; provide State of the Evidence updates/seminars/webinars for practitioners.


Provide “off the balance sheet” insights into IP robustness, claims: evidence gap analyses, and complementary valuation indices and metrics/KPIs.

Legislate & Disseminate

Foster open dialogue with regional/national governments, agencies, and media outlets/reporters, providing leading-edge assessments of applied science, Rx v. medical adult use product delineation, and IP.


Create and archive continuously updated online self-instruction and live streaming (in multiple languages), leading edge, evidence-based educational content to educate retailers, patients, and consumers.