About C-SICC

Council of Science and Innovation in Cannabis and Cannabinoids

Why another Cannabis/hemp trade organization?

Over the past five years the Cannabis and industrial hemp Industry has ascended into global prominence, fueling stock markets and investments, inspiring a proliferation of businesses and brands, awakening research and development interest in both industry and academia, and creating zealous advocates—from athletes to celebrities to clinicians. Where can the investor, the Industry stakeholder, the innovator business and the academic researcher, the politician, or the consumer, patient, or clinician go to get authoritative, evidence-based research information on the chemistry, biology, and intellectual properties of this industry, relevant and applicable?

C-SICC aspires to be an agnostic, collaborative, and pioneering collective of Industry stakeholders and allied partners, both as a clearinghouse for industry- and consumer-relevant chemistry and biology of Cannabis and cannabinoids, and other natural products found in Cannabis and industrial hemp, and as an advocate and educator of related innovations captured as intellectual properties and other knowledge assets.

Focal Areas

  • Foster the development and adoption of best in class, economically viable, systematically validated applied chemistry methods to the manufacture and testing of Cannabis/hemp (drug, hemp)-derived products for medical and adult use.
  • Disseminate the newest published and presented international research on the chemistry and biology of Cannabis-/hemp-derived bioactives and products for medical and adult use.
  • Guide members in the evolution of the IP landscape and in the creation and protection of intellectual properties—patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and composition-specific evidence.
  • Impart expert guidance to members pursuing the biological and clinical validation of their Cannabis/hemp-derived products and the creation of evidence-based commercial offerings.
  • Create objective, bright lines of distinction between synthetic, “nature identical”, Nature-non-identical, and plant-derived constituents occurring in Cannabis/hemp plants.
  • Align with and support other trade organizations that share complementary missions and objectives.